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Culture is beautiful and, at the same time, has its challenges. Together, we can explore the meaning your culture holds for you, be curious about how it shapes you, and look deeper into how structures/systems both affirm and disadvantage you and others of your culture.


Gender and sexuality are universal while each person's experience of their gender and sexuality is unique. I am here to witness and carefully delve into your unique experiences while helping you feel safe, seen, and valued. 


Disabilities, both seen and unseen, can impact how you navigate the world and how the world navigates you. Together, we can work to help you meet your challenges head-on, savor your triumphs, and examine the emotions that arise from both.


Young adulthood can be an exciting yet confusing time. Home, work, and social life are all in flux, resulting in the familiar being replaced with the novel. I want to help you as you exit adolescence, shift to adulthood, and step purposefully into your future.


Helping professions are highly rewarding but can impose a heavy physical, psychological, and emotional toll. Imbalance often arises between the care we provide to others and the care we give to ourselves. Together, we can look more closely at your work and seek to incorporate practical, genuine, and enduring self-care into your life.

Dr. Natassia Johnson, Ph.D., LPC

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