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Anxiety and depression can be

all-consuming and intensely overwhelming. One often aggravates and intensifies the other, robbing you of joyful and fulfilling experiences. Together, we can better understand and address both to decrease their power in your life.


Self-esteem often fluctuates and identity can look different depending on where you are in your life. How you see and regard yourself can color even the most ordinary of moments. I want to help you move through the world in a more value-laden, pride filled, and reliable way.


Relationships can be challenging, but they can also be a source of intense joy and gratification. Together, we can wade through complex relationship dynamics so you can build stronger and more intimate connections with the people that matter the most to you.


Stress is inevitable, but too much stress can have drastic, and at times lasting, effects. Together, we can work to identify your sources of stress, both the obvious and the obscure, and work to manage them more effectively.


Trauma takes on many forms, and so can your resilience to it. I am here to help you uncover and focus on the important elements of your trauma, learn to manage its triggers and the resulting distress, and find meaning and purpose in its aftermath.


Loss is ubiquitous and painful and the resulting reactions (e.g., relief, anger, disorientation) can be complicated and confusing. I want to help you understand your loss, experience it authentically, and carry it in a way that promotes life expansion, not restriction.

Dr. Natassia Johnson, Ph.D., LPC

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